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Interested in a fun and simple way of making a positive impact on the upcoming elections? Volunteer to host a one-hour Zoom house party for your friends and family! We’ll do all the planning and the presentation, you bring the guests. This is a meaningful way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion while engaging others in pro-democracy work. Click here to view one of our house parties.


To learn more, contact Development Director Debbie Wachspress at

“It was very easy.  I was paired with another host and we both invited those we thought would be interested.  We had a great turnout. We were provided with an invitation template which we were able to modify/personalize, and then we just needed to track the responses.  The SVJ team took care of everything else. My guests were hugely impressed by the depth, breadth, and substance of the program.  Most all of them donated. Some in turn have introduced SVJ to others in their networks.  It’s an effective model, and rewarding!” – Sherri N., VHP host

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